City Administration’s First Attempt to Collect 600,000,000 Fails

City Mayor Kuma Demeksa led the Addis Ababa City Administration’s failed first attempt to collect 600,000,000 birr from city-dwellers. The money, which is said to support city developmental projects, was to be collected from local residents and businesses

Beginning on Monday January 3, 2011, development committee members in all 10 sub-cities went door-to-door in selected kebeles, demanding an allotted amount of money from every person determined by their individual income. According to sources, most people refused to pay the money, insisting that their income and expenses were personal matters.

An anonymous barber who spoke with  ANO reporter explains, “They came into my barber shop and asked me to pay 200 birr.” He says that he refused to pay the money, protesting that he could not afford to pay that much. “I tried to give them 30 birr, explaining that this is the amount that I could pay. They refused to accept the money, arguing that the least amount of money one can pay in this kind of business is 50 birr,” continues the barber.  “They even threatened to write my name on the list of people who are resistant to pay, and I told them that they can do as they wish. So they wrote my name and went.”

“Only God knows how much I suffer to cope with today’s living conditions and support my family. They have no moral, religious or legal right to demand a contribution of money from me,” says the barber.

According to sources inside the city’s EPRDF office that every city dweller is required to make a contribution according to their income.

According to the source, under the five-year development plan, different institutions have been established and committees, consisting of 15 popular dignitaries, have been assigned in every local area to ensure the accomplishment of the development goals. The committee members have undergone “capacity building“trainings. “The contribution expected from the residents of Addis is not limited to a monetary one, but include manpower, knowledge and in-kind contributions.” said the source.

Mayor Kuma Demeksa, held a briefing on the same issue for a group of stakeholders, which included religious leaders, a week ago.

In the meantime, the city council has levied similar charges against traditional welfare associations, known as Idirs. The Idirs are voluntary social co-operatives, established to provide assistance to members in times of hardships. The contributions demanded from these organizations ranges between 500 to 5000 birr, based on the financial status of the Idirs.

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11 Responses to “City Administration’s First Attempt to Collect 600,000,000 Fails”

  1. hahaha, endih new ende leka yahulu yebaur mesmer yahulu industry yemigenebaw, min ayinet etsub dink yehone strategy new, ageritu eko eskezarem endih ayinet yemiyastebabir mengist new yatachiw, min ayinet briliant yehone chinklat yalachew meriwoch nachew yalun, kikikiki

  2. Kuma Demekissa was a low rank soldier during the Derg time. What does he know about people’s rights and duties? Knocking at people’s doors and asking for money is an extortion. Any simple minded person can understand how far the so called collectors would go if they encounter a resident who is not willing to pay.

    Have the TPLF-EPRDF people ever thought about the money they lavishly spend on stipends and allowances to hold conferences, seminars and other gatherings? This is not about development or common good, but a form of campaign to confirm the subjugation of Addis residents and rape their self-esteem.

    An average family in Addis is not able to make ends meet nowadays. And yet, the inept marxists are asking for contribution to ensure their power and dominion.

  3. Diha behelmu shiro baybela noro yerebew neber ale amaregna book. EPRDF is dreaming a dream that will never come true. No lough on my amharic saying fellas!

  4. Under normal circumstances people don’t mind contributing to the development of their city. But in a city controlled by corrupt and incompetent people like Kuma Demeksa, no one would voluntarily give his/her money. They collect millions from dwellers of Addis in the form of income tax, sales tax (VAT), property tax, excise tax, etc. That was not enough to fill their belly and now they are asking more. These tugs have no morale or “yilugnta” at all. If one refuses to pay the levy imposed by EPRDFites, he/she will be labeled as anti-development. A bunch of vultures are eating the “miskin” people alive.

  5. Woyane is a daylight robber. What do they do with the tax they are collecting from the residents including with the newly instituted VAT? They collect money but produce nothing. Addis dwellers should turn around and hold Kuma accountable and demand where the money is being spent. I do not see any of the daily papers writing about this. Meles is shamelessly prosecuting business people and his hand picked court sentence defendant in outrageous penalties including imprisonment. People should also have right to take the government to court.

  6. It is not surprise to hear such a profligate news from swordfish WOYANE,rather to feed our peopel three times in a day long time a go.The Next those … WOYANE step will be to ask the peopel those who have childeren or relatives in abroad or Arab countries how much money they receive in evrey months or in years for income tax.Unless we eradicate this regim that will be escapism forevery one EXCEPT …. WOYANE.

  7. Respect for Civil Liberty does not exist in the TPLF leicon

  8. Kuma did nothing wrong here. The master order him to do so. The master hides himself at the back of Minilik palace. I am definitely sure that is his idea. I am also 1000% sure that kuma has no idea at all. Even he is not in a capacity to thinks a a single stupid idea like this.


  10. In 1993 E.C. Meles labled Kuma as inefficient and expelled him from EPRDF central committee. Few years later he was appointed as one of the three State Ministers of Capacity Building. The man who lacked capacity was appointed as Minister of Capacity Building. Now he is mayor of Addis Ababa. No wonder why!

  11. ere weyehu … wend tefa … anatachin lay iko qub bilewu zefenubin…. indewu wendu sury argo sitay lib yalewu yimeslal,,, eregegn ,,, indewu 1 inkuan imby lagere ere isu kerto imbi lerase mil tefto beye tigu tsihuf bcha metsaf lewt yameta yimesl sewu magafet darlay komo… ere tewugn wendu zendro jegininetu mimetabet set melkef lay, kibat mekebat lay , hitsan medfer , mesrek ina yemesaselut lay… ine inkuan alkefilm bye 1 tfy kemshe inde contribution teyizolgn kuch biyalehu

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