Oromiya Officials Jailed

(Mulu G)

Within the Oromiya region, in the town called Sebeta Hawas in the Addis Ababa special zone, more than 15 OPDO officials, town council administrators and civil engineers have been arrested on allegations of corruption related to land sales.  The detainees were taken to a temporary prison in Dukem town and have been denied visitation rights for the duration of the ongoing investigations, say sources in Sebeta.

The detainees, who were arrested suddenly three weeks ago, were employees and administrators of the areas known as Sebeta, Alem Gena, and Woletei. The detainees were allegedly engaged in corrupt activities related to land sales for a long time. The sources also indicated that these people were said to have been arrested following the accumulation of evidence in the case.

According to our sources, beginning from the eve of the 2005 election, land in the towns of Woletei, Alem Gena and Sebeta was given to relatives of the administrators and to reward political allegiance. But, say the sources, the federal and regional governments remained silent on the issue, accruing political benefits in return.

The sources further revealed that these employees, administrators and engineers have accumulated considerable wealth over the past five years, competing among themselves to acquire cars and furniture from Turkey. The sources indicate that this publicly lavish lifestyle has forced the government to take sudden action.

The sources also note that in addition to the illegal wealth confiscated in kind from these officials, more than 10 million Birr was found in the personal bank account of each of those arrested in connection to the corruption charges.

Our reporter has observed that the offices of the Sebeta, Alem Gena, and Woletei town administrations have remained closed since the arrests.

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10 Responses to “Oromiya Officials Jailed”

  1. why they are waiting for such a long time and act now?

  2. Not only this OPDOs but each EPRDFites has tastes this sugar. They kept quite because they likes the sweetness. But they couldn’t imagine this, eating sweet sugar might lead to diabetic or at least obesity that kills you slowly……….. Not the symptoms of the illness is showing…. oneday we will see when these big bellies go to hell……

  3. this shows eprdf’s commitment to change.not only in oromiya region the same is happend in addis ababa.

  4. “YEASSA GIMATU KECHINKILATU” when will be MELES/AZEB be imprisoned for looting and killing.

  5. These are small boys who are performing the orders of higher officials, so when will be the time for the higher officials of EPRDF (head of the monster)

  6. Under the TPLF’s government there is no one to be spared of corruption as this is the MO of the so called “government”. Every body knows that it is a mafia government. The “Teletafis” (OPDO, ANDM and Southern officials hired to advance the TPLF hand over all Ethiopia)ohave to stick to edicts of the TPLF order in order to benefit from the system. There is no news here. Does it mmean that these guys have lost their utility value to the TPLF? or is there some thing brewing under neath. I believe it is the first scenario. The TPLF may be in liquidation of the old guards to replace with new needy and agressive Teletafis.

  7. So, the TPLF-led government is on the move against corruption?? We will see how far it goes. EVERYONE tainted with corruption and nepotism should be targetted in this process.

  8. Guys, Who said thyat “it´s Haram when an Oromo get corrupted n Halal wehen a tigre loots??? They just followed their masters way and took their share. What´s wrong with that? What´s wrong with selling oromia land to thye oromo or amhara or any other ethiopian? Aren´t we seeing meales and all his elits sell the land to Arabs, Indians, Chaines or who ever came with a fist of Dollars? Come on for crying out loud, the whole ethiopia is becoming a corruption empire, thanks to EPRDF, what diffrence willl it bring to imprison a few “chat” addicted poor ethiopian engineers!!!!

  9. This needs to start from Meles.

  10. Who gave the Woyane the intire Ethiopia? At this point they are saying ‘I can do it not you”. And do we miss it or the like’s of it?

    I don’t think so.

    The big problem here is that people thinking they are Oromo,Amara, Togray, Guragay, and so on other than an Ethiopian.

    Well if we keep thinking that way the enemy wins. The enemy who is in controll of Ethiopia and Eritiria.

    For God sake lates all of us admit that we are in truble at least.
    Our fathers and mothers did better than that.

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