ETV to Launch Entertainment and Sports-only Channel

The state-run sole national television broadcaster, Ethiopian Television (ETV), will launch an additional channel exclusively dedicated to sports and entertainment within a month.

ETV revealed this plan to owners of advertisement companies in a stakeholders meeting held in Addis on Saturday, December 11, 2010. Seifu Fantahun, Serawit Fekire, Smason Mamo and Biniam Kebede were among the invited personalities, according to ETV sources.  ETV officials expressed their interest in airing quality programs, including talk shows, produced by the advertisement companies, the sources told ANO.

The new channel, named ETV 3, will air its trial transmission only in Addis Ababa city and its environs. ETV has a previous history of broadcasting programs on a separate channel, ETV 2, for audiences in the capital city and its surrounding area. The station hosted re-run programs from the South African-based TV station, TV Africa. When TV Africa stopped its transmission, ETV allotted the channel for broadcasting programs produced by the Addis Ababa Mass Media Agency.

ETV first aimed to launch the new channel on December 10, 2010 but later postponed it by a month. According to the station plan, the channel will remain on the air for 18 hours each day. “Until the private producers bring their programs to full capacity, ETV will re-run entertainment and sport programs from its main channel,” a source said.

In line with the launch of the new channel, ETV has changed the structure of its sports section. Previously, sports fell under “news” but have now been merged with “entertainment”.

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13 Responses to “ETV to Launch Entertainment and Sports-only Channel”

  1. My Friend,

    There is no Ethiopian TV (ETV). There is Woyannie TV (WTV). Sot it is not ETV. It is WTV. This TV station is the most boring TV in Sub-Saharan Africa. They just want to collect more money to finance Woyannie propaganda. They think they can stop the march of the youth to ESAT by launching another Woyannie Channel. Look the type of people they are consulting?

    Let us keep the flame of ESAT!!

  2. @ Lubak Nothing is better than ESAT. Oh My God, how on earth people seriously organize Satellite TV to air 100 % lies. The Woyanne TV, to use your terms at least has got more than 60% reality.

  3. This is a good thing. There are so many people who prefer to watch music, sports and other entertainment programs. Now these people will have a choice. I hope ETV will keep all its “developmental journalists” on channel one:)

  4. Anulo,

    60%?? You must be joking? By reality, you mean shown Zenawi and his thugs????Which programme of ESAT was 100% lie???

  5. GULECHA BELEWAWET WET AYATAFITEM……… As Long as lie so goes ETV Aluno Aluno…. “woe to you when men speak well of you, For so did their fathers to the false prophets” LUKE 6:26…. minew ALuno

  6. ETV is trying to discredit ESAT; they are trying to take the ESAT viewer away. For sure, it won’t be successful as they planned it. ESAT will bring the needed unbiased news to restrain Ethiopian people.

  7. Anulo
    “Lubak Nothing is better than ESAT” Do you mean “Nothing is worse than ESAT”. In this case I agree my friend.

  8. I think it is good news to those who are sick and tired of politics, be it ETV, ERTV, or ESAT.

    The youth is fond of entertainment news (especially football) and a TV channel which dedicates to it would easily captivate the youth, which makes the majority of TV audience in the nation.

    Probably, this new development would kill the appetite for ETV and ESAT alike.

    I personally hate ESAT (mouthpiece of diaspora politicians), ETV (mouthpiece of government), and ERTV (whose eye is blind to miseries in its own country), but I give credit to ESAT as it has forced the Ethiopian government to open its door to a newer channel, which would benefit millions, even the government officials.

  9. I wonder you Ethiopians in Diaspora what could make you happy about Ethiopia, you are hallways unhappy is it politics

  10. Kulfo

    The youth is not sick of politics. The youth is sick of Woyannie politics which is racist and primordial.

  11. Free at last…Free at last God almighty free at last…

    We gonna have TV free of Hate Politics and Free of Hate for anything good from Ethiopia.

    We gonna have TV free of Shabiya and its extentions in Ethiopian Diaspora community.

    Id rather sit and watch sport all day than listening to Nega and other Shabiya’s puppets barf what they drank from Esayass’s.

  12. Whatever the motive may be, the opening of a separate entertainment chanel is good. ESAT must have contributed for this deveopment. However, ESAT has a long way to go to be credible and satsfy the information need of the Ethiopian people.

  13. This is another joke. It will be a channel with its script written by Bereket. It will operate on Joseph Goebbels’ principle of giving the people a lot of music and injecting a little propaganda in between.

    We should not take our eyes off the real solution: free media!!!

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