Aster Aweke Releases New Album Today

Aster's big promotion poster competes with handful others at Mexico Square

Aster Aweke’s 23rd  album, “Checheho”, is to be released today, December 25, 2010. The album is named after a small town in Gonder, the region where Aster where born. The Ethiopian diva released a new single, “Checheho”, a month prior to the launch of the album, which contains 13 other songs.

Like Teddy Afro, Aster chose the wall of Assay School on Bole road to advertise her new album

The album was recorded on the singer’s own label, Kabu Records, which she founded in 1999.  ”Hagere” was her first album produced under this label. The record label also presented “Sugar” (2002), “Aster Ballads” (2004) and “Fekir” (2006). The new album will be distributed by Electra Music Shop, which also distributed her previous 22 albums.

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