The National Electoral Board Workers to File Charges against Their Boss,Tesfaye Mengesha

(Mulu G.)

Our sources disclosed today that workers of the National Electoral Board (NEB) filed charges against the board’s Office Manager and Secretary General, Ato Tesfaye Mengesha, in the National Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission.

According to the sources in the board, the workers accused Ato Tesfaye of discriminating between the workers who support the government and those who keep their impartial status. According to the workers who spoke to our reporter, the workers who are faithful to government are receiving financial benefits and special gifts that are not accorded the workers who maintain their integrity of impartiality.

The workers illustrated their case by providing examples. According to these sources, Ato Tesfaye gives special monetary gifts and additional benefits. On the contrary, he discourages and pressurizes workers who do not accept his political views, by denying them of training opportunities, and ordering them on an unexpected forced leave of absence (one such example occurred beginning from the eve of the election until its conclusion). According to the workers, he does this to either force the workers to conform to his political view or leave the institution.

“On the day of the election, most of the board’s workers had worked until the evening,” say the workers. But, they explain, “the payments were given on the basis of the workers political views.” . For instance, the board paid for the extra time that the employees worked – from 5:30 to 7:30pm – according to the overtime payment rule. The rest of the night’s work, from 7:30 to 10:30pm was calculated as a “special payment”. According to the workers, the differing amounts of this special payment evidenced the discrimination with which Tesfaye treats his employees. “He paid as much as 2000 Birr to those who are supporters of his political view, while he gave 400 to 800 Birr to those who hold to their integrity,” say the workers. “This is not the rule of the institution. This is Tesfaye’s rule,” commented the employees.

The employees further indicated that the institution brought in data-entry workers from three different places – the High Court, Addis Ababa University and the Central Statistics Bureau. The amount of money paid to these newcomers is reportedly very high in comparison with the wages of the other workers.

According to these sources, it took 20 days to collect the results of the election in all regions. In these 20 days, the newcomers were paid 800 Birr per day. Even though the staff that came from Addis Ababa University arrived ten days later than other employees, they earned 16,000 Birr each, which is the full payment for 20 days of work. The supporting staff from the high court and statistics bureau have earned 2500 Birr each, while the employees of the institution recruited by Tesfaye received 30 Birr each in overtime payment.

Our sources indicated that because of these reasons, the employees of the institution have signed a petition letter and sent their plea to the Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission.

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7 Responses to “The National Electoral Board Workers to File Charges against Their Boss,Tesfaye Mengesha”

  1. Workers who are impartial are discriminated against, and they are presenting their plea to the anti-corruption commission???? this is the joke of the year. Meles is being adept at staging such comedies, lol

  2. At last…………

  3. Is this really a news? If you wanna see what woyane is doing in this aspect, go and consult the workers of Tele in the transformation program office. you will see the very extreme case of this working culture. you will be appointed a project manager with 2 years of staff experience and on the other hand, get back to a staff position even if you were a non manager for years but a partisan. Hey the reporter, go and visit what the environment looks like in this offices. they are in mess!!!

  4. Weyane is the most successful regime to divide the people. Look how the Dilla University students divided with this important issue of the life of a fellow student.The same may happen to another student tomorrow. So it is appropriate to inform the University administration. But instead the University students divided (some rightly demanding a response from the Administration and others wrongly against their fellow classmates.) Why is that? Is the origin of Bizunesh a source of division? Where are heading to? RIP Bizunesh

  5. Are these workers naive. You mean they believe the court is going to rule for them. Are they from another planet. The whole thing sounds likie a joke.

    • You might be wrong to think the court will not rule in their favor. After all only Tesfaye Mengesha loses under this circumstance. The regime is not affected. The election is now over and its a good method of dictators to keep everyone on their toes including Mengesha. They know they can get another Mengesha anytime. However quelling the tension of the obviously fraudulent election is priceless….Mastensfes yasfeligal…

  6. i like people who stand for their right no matter what the out come gonna be

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