Reppi School Says No Government Support For Hungry Students

(Mulu G.)

Reppi Number One School,  of Kolfe-Qeranio sub city in Addis Ababa, whose student body includes many youth suffering from malnutrition, discloses to our reporter that neither the government nor any NGO has fed the affected students.  Instead, it is teachers and kind people from the community who have outstretched their hands.

One of the coordinators of the lounge that feeds the children,  tells our reporter that “because the donation we offer is not sufficient to feed all the hunger-stricken children, we selected the 261 most-affected children and give them breakfast and lunch so that they can continue their classes.”

A school teacher, who has requested annonymity due to safety concerns, explains, “Even though the Addis Ababa City Administration television station broadcast a program that shows students who fail in their classes because of hunger, Kuma Demeksa – the mayor of the city – refused to observe the conditions of the children.”

The teacher also adds, “Even though we cannot find any response from the government, some NGOs have approached us and asked us to work on forward the number of children who are in need and their background information, and our committee is working on it.”

On the other hand the anonymous teacher says, “After the television program was transmitted, other people started to share the burden of the teachers to feed the children.”  According to the coordinator, the lounge has collected four kgs of pasta, ten kgs of rice and bread and 20,000 Birr in donations since then.

The anonymous teacher also indicated that the children most affected by hunger are aged seven to 16. Most of the children come from families with parents who are daily laborers, low-income earners, pensioners, senior citizens or suffer from HIV/AIDS.  “These children,” says the teacher, “are representatives of the hungry class of the state.”

In the last four years, the number of children affected by hunger has increased.  As a result, the teacher explains that the school began raising donations for its hungry students in 2009.  The school now supports these students using the 14,500 Birr it has received from another private school.

“Nevertheless, the number of hungry students has increased by over five percent during the current Ethiopian year,” says the teacher.  “Because of this, the condition is out of our capacity and it is interrupting the teaching and learning activities.”

According to the information we received from the school, the number of hunger-stricken students in the same school was only 31 in 2007. After observing many of these students sleeping and collapsing repeatedly in the classroom, some teachers began to feed a number of students at their own expense.

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4 Responses to “Reppi School Says No Government Support For Hungry Students”

  1. Thanks for bringing this pertinent issue to our attention.
    I was speaking to a very dear friend of mine in Addis and mentioned to her about the poor children who are suffering from hunger at this particular school hoping to send some money to assist their plight. But I wasn’t prepared to hear what she was going to tell me. She cynically laughed at the transformational nature of hunger within both rural and urban dewalers that is now encompassed in the next five year Government plan, and continued to tell me that nearly every school is now experiencing ever growing hunger and her dilemma now is how she and her few friends can help these hungry students without being ladled as antidevelopment.
    Can you please report to us what you can find in other schools as this problem is massively widespread than you think. Thanks in advance!

  2. The westren NGOs are there to live their own best life in ethiopia , but not to support poor ethiopians.

  3. Addis Neger the whole population without age discrimination is under severe food shortages in the whole country. This is the tip of the ice berg. We need Jonathan Dumbly of 21 first century from within the county.

    Everywhere in the cities across the country, there are people who are homeless, penniless and powerless. and sick, hungry, tired, weak, malnourished, unemployed, and hopeless. People who could afford to pass words about this deep and devastating national sorrow must speak up now.

    I call on international government to extend their food donations immediately. The problems is very serious than it appears. I am very much concerned. One of the indications is that Ethiopia has been number one country in Africa in adopting children nowadays. It means people are sending away their children to unknown lands instead of letting them die of hunger and disease because they have nothing to feed them.

    The government officials can avoid this and I believe the concerned office related to this matter must react as soon as possible. Sometimes the king and the queens may have the ability to avert this national disaster if they put their head together and find out a quick and long term solutions. It is a national issue and it must be addressed immediately. The hunger and suffering of our children implies the families and parents have been short handed what they could feed their young children. It is sorrowful and sad.

  4. i really feel sorry that our government is becoming like Marie Antwan wife of LewisXIV during French revolution….. denying the truth and prefer to stick with their Utopian boring “yegetsita ginbata”…. what kind of “yegetsita ginbata”. are they wishing to see, while students started to collapse/faint during class time….. shame shame shame… The NGOs of Ethiopia are the breeding place of the wicked and lusty people on Earth. they are blind to such hot issue rather they are busy looking for FUND which they are planning to built house in the name of those poor/destitute ………

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