Negasso Gidada to receive 1197.6 birr(73 USD) pension

(Mulu G.)

Negasso Gidala, former president of Ethiopia, has received his first monthly pension payment, in the amount of 1197.6 birr(73 USD).  Negasso told our ANO reporter that he is still not receiving the proper benefits that an ex president should. Negasso adds, “This payment does not take into account either the current living standards or the protocol of a person who served as a president.”

According to Negasso, the pension was calculated based only on his five years of service as a parliamentarian. Negasso says, “They did not consider my 18 years service in different levels of government offices. They ripped off my benefits that I used to earn from 1994-2000 as president and from 2001-2004 as an ex president just because I became an individual parliamentarian. As a result, these benefits are not calculated in my pension” says Negasso. Negasso explains that he tried to resolve the issue by taking it to court, but he has not yet found a solution.

Negasso served as a minister in the Ministry of Workers and Social Affairs for one year, and in the Ministry of Information for four years.  He was also President for 6 years and an ex-President for another four years, until he was elected as a private parliamentarian.

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