Daily Wrap: Dispute flares up between Ethiopia and Egypt

Dispute flares up between Ethiopia and Egypt. Following Meles’ claim against Egypt an official accuses Cairo of supporting rebel groups. Egypt denied charges, a commentator for the London based paper Alhayat, argue of a web of conspiracies behind including Israel. Skeptics are asking if something serious fermenting between the two governments or another twist to divert the focus of spectators.

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10 Responses to “Daily Wrap: Dispute flares up between Ethiopia and Egypt”

  1. Dispute flares up between Egypt and Ethiopia??? Really???

    Was there a time the two were not in dispute??? or our past leader were so quite surrendering their own balls…only flexing their flabby muscle on the poor people of Ethiopian.

  2. yeah….. there is no smoke without fire……

  3. This issue with the Nile is purely manufactured by the Meles regime to distract the Ethiopian people from the real issue of lack of democracy and good governance. Since most Ethiopians are patriotic they will obviously support the call for sharing the Nile waters, however the EPRDF is not genuine about this call. It is calculated as a bate for the Ethiopian populace to bite….Ethiopia has plenty of water besides the Nile. If Israel can manage with its limited water supply, why can’t Ethiopia do the same. It is simply an issue of good governance that is stopping Ethiopia from becoming water sufficient. When you can’t manage the abundant water resource available to you you find an excuse. I wish Ethiopia can develop the Nile water. Maybe under democratic governance this could become reality but the saber-rattling of the EPRDF on this issue is just paper-tiger. I would be more than glad to know I am wrong as that would mean the development of the Nile water in Ethiopia, a dream come true for any Ethiopian

  4. What is the difference between mubarek and ameche meles naziawi for ethiopia? They are both anti ethiopia. Mubarek stands for egypt and egyptians interest, what about meles who wrote a letter to UN and indorse eritrea’s separation.Ameche Meles is foreign agent that is why the shouting of ameche meles has another problem except abbay issue. If any ethiopia’s group gets any support from egypt, it is well come Because TPLF has worked with all anti ethiopia’s countries. If TPLF has used all cannels to fight ethiopiawinet , loott and sell ethiopia, why should not all other pro ethiopia’s forces get some support from egypt? Ameche’s meles shouting is simply to accuse ethiopians rebel groups as anti ethiopia’s groups who are working with ethiopia’s historical enemies. The reality on the ground is that ameche meles, ameche bereket, ameche yosef hilewo, ameche samora and are ameches are the worst enemies of ethiopia in her long time history.

  5. COME ON Lucy i myself hate the both paranoid leaders however we need to be wise enough….. i know how Meles hate the notion of Ethiopian-ism… he is stacked with his old Dialectic notion of Hegelian theory. But his current move as a state towards Egypt is somehow good even tough he tried to warn EGYPT as giving support for the oppositions… for me the weakness of meles’s argument is that, he never had the guts to name which opposition party is getting support……. Above all for me he might be the first Ethiopian leader next to Empror Dawit to scare this fool-eater bone head Egyptians. I remember my dad who used to be a higher offical of the last regime told me what Anwar Sadat once said to Mengestu Hailemariam to mock the people of Ethiopia ” i fear not to be cruhed by the mighty kUSH/Ethiopian Army while on there way to crush America”. But now things changed its our turn to mock them…. no matter how ridiculous leader we have…

  6. i read other News which states the victory of gorilla by one of the rebellion.i think this claim is true and I was around Kulubi and chelnoko. Yes there was some tension including new check points and night time curfew in kulubi. I can guess now why Meles was frustrated and accused Egypt out of blue. ኢትዮጵያ ሆይ! መጨረሻው ምን ይሆን?

  7. meles is a paranoid leader no doubt……. However, as head of govt he need to have firm stand to defend the country. And, no doubt that Egypt Would support gurella fighters to mess up the country, believe me Meles fear Egyptians not for bold hasty accusation rather from from his experience. Let me be clear Meles as gurella fighter holding Anti- Ethiopian notion he used get strong support from nowhere but from countries like Egypt having Anti- Ethiopian policy. He is a Pragmatic enough to know how those Egyptians are capable of and would do in progress in time like these. In these days Ethiopia is building dams in Tana in Tekeze which are the source and tributary of Nile against all odds. As result, our dear old rival Egypt is providing support for some gurella fighters which are good for nothing…. they will drag the country for civil war….

  8. Agreed with most of the comments. This is just a continuation of the political games which started at the end of the emperor’s time. Obviously egypt would do anything to secure the Nile water ,even if that includes destabalizing Ethiopia. As for Meles it’s ironic he is all of a sudden a patriot. He once sided with Egypt Saudi Arabia and the CIA to come to power along the EPLF. Now he’s talking about the Nile as if he means it. Give us a reason to believe him this time. He is just Selling himself as a reformed patriotic leader of ethiopia, which I might add is very doubtful. As for the rebels, if they are real and strong, there is no doubt meles will make a deal with them and egypt before they gain too much momentum. It’s all a political show.. Nothing will come out of this. This is designed by meles to be a consumption issue for Ethiopians at home and in the diaspora. Let us not be fooled. Having said this…. I’m all for the developement of the Nile but this will not happen under tyranny.

  9. Also this is a good way to keep the diaspora silent. By giving the a small piece of bone to chew on. This allows them to forget the fake election, the imprisoned human rights activists, journalist, the thousands being intimidated in rural Ethiopia, and the selling of firtle land while millions of Ethiopian farmers don’t legally own their plot, essencially remaining serfs of the EPRDF gov. This fake issue with the naile also make people forget that Ethiopia has plenty of water discounting the Nile. Even without using the Nile the countries rivers are sufficient for domestic use and also for neigboring states.

  10. No doubt about it. The nile issue is used to silence the domestic population from asking the more relevent questions, such as humans rights and democracy. It is unlikely the EPRDF regime has any substantial plans to develope the Nile. This is a propaganda piece designed to distract people from the egregious situation in Ethiopia. In addition to this point, Ethiopia has plenty of water besides the Nile. discounting the other rivers, just yearsly rain water is sufficient if we decide to use it in a sustainable and scientific way. So this whole business of the nile has been around for the past 30 year and most likely nothing will be different this time around. I say this as an Ethiopian patriot. I am also a realist and I don’t believe eveybone thrown at me. Though I would love to see the Nile water put to good use in Ethiopia,I am not naive enough to believe the EPRDF.

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