OFDM to Elect a New Chairperson

(Mulu G.)

The Oromo Federalist Democratic Movement (OFDM) revealed to Addis Neger that the party intends to elect a new chairperson. According to outgoing Chairperson Bulcha Demekssa, he is not the only leader to be replaced by the new leadership team. Bulcha says, “I am not the only leader to be replaced. The election is meant to replace all of the leadership team members.” Bulcha does not want to disclose the venue of the meeting, fearing interference from government cadres. But he says that it is to take place on December 5, 2010. During this meeting, Bulcha says that the party will elect a new chairperson, two vice chairpersons, an auditor and a secretary general.

According to Bulcha, the election of 16 executive committee members and 40 central committee members is also expected. “In the same meeting the party will evaluate its journey so far,” says Bulcha. Bulcha also explains that the idea of replacing the party leadership is not enforced by the umbrella party, “Forum”. He indicates that he believes the same changes in leadership will be under taken by other parties within the Forum Party.

Bulcha further expressed his wish to retire as party chairperson since the aftermath of the 2010 election. Bulcha’s OFDM and the other Oromo party, the Oromo People’s Congress, formed a coalition under the name “Oromo Federalist Congress”, now a member of the Forum Party

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