Media Digest:Negasso Faces Financial Problems

Negasso Faces Financial Problems

“EPRDF is killing me without shooting a bullet,” says former Ethiopian President Negasso Gidada, in an interview with Fitih newspaper. Negasso indicated that the house he is living in is near collapse, and he fears for the safety of his family. Negasso also told Fitih that, as he no longer has any income, his daughter is forced to work as a cleaner. But Negasso noted that he is touched by the love and acceptance of the people. He says, “I travel on public transport for free because another traveler or the driver will cover my cost.” For such love, Negasso says that he is very grateful.

In the same interview, Negasso responded to journalist Tesfaye Gebreab’s claims. “He is a liar. He portrays himself as an Oromo more than the Oromos.” He also spoke about opposition leader Birtukan Mideksa’s release from prison.

Negasso further revealed that the current president, Girma Woldegiorgis, was elected to parliament with the help of the Oromo People’s Democratic Organization (OPDO). Negasso says, “Because it was recommended that the OPDO should leave some private hopefuls to be elected to the parliament, the current president, Girma Woldegiorgis, and Bedru Adem were allowed to win in the 2000 election.”

Negasso was quoted by the newspaper expressing his view about Birtukan’s release from prison. He said, “This government is like a bad father who beats his children without any reason. When the beating worsens, the children will beg him for mercy, saying, ‘we have done wrong’.” But Negasso says that the letter written in Birtukan’s name was neither written by her nor by the prime minister. Negasso thinks this “shameful” letter was rather written by the mediators, who knew what the prime minister wanted to hear.

Even though the newspaper asked Negasso whether he was pressurized by the prime minister to sign a capital punishment against Jemial Yossuf, he repeatedly declined to answer, saying, “There are things which you should keep confidential, even if you are not in the presidential seat.”

Power Interrupted During the GM’s Press Conference on the Blackouts

The English weekly The Reporter has reported on the accidental power interruption while the General Manager of the Ethiopia Electric and Power Corporation (EEPCO) was in a press conference. The Reporter quoted GM Mihret Debebe as saying, “There is no power shortage. The blackouts occur because of transformer and transmission tower malfunctions.” Mihret added, “The dams are full of water”. Mihret also disclosed that factories that require high power are told not to work from 6 to 10 o’clock in the evening. Mihret further said, “Customers whose power is interrupted can call us. We will fix the problem, since we don’t have a power shortage.” But, according to The Reporter, the power in the auditorium was interrupted three times while Mihret was speaking. Other newspapers, such as Sendeq, also commented on the frequent blackouts.

Court to Decide on Askaluka’s Cheating Charges

According to Sendeq, the Federal High Court is to make a final ruling in the case of Askaluka, the company charged with taking 45 million birr from 1200 people, in exchange for the promise of world cup participation. The owner of the company, Girmay Gebremichael , has disappeared after allegedly taking the money. But the court has ordered that Girmay’s wife and company employees defend themselves. The employees and Girmay’s wife have denied participation in the crime. According to Sendeq, the court will give its final decision on November 19, 2010.

ONLF Prisoners Released

Following the government’s agreement with the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), a guerrilla group that has been fighting against the government for nearly two decades, 1147 ONLF prisoners were released from jail. According to local newspapers, 147 of the prisoners were women. The government also reportedly paid them a sum of money in order to help them resettle into society. It is also said that some of the released prisoners had been serving life sentences.

Semera University: A Prison in a Desert

The weekly Fitih has also reported on Semera University, in the Afar region.  The shocking report states, “Because the University has no toilet for male students, the students are forced to use the fields of the university as a toilet.” “The ladies rooms are also fully made of iron sheets. Given the 45 degree Celsius temperature of the area, the vapors that come out of the pits might expose the female students to health problems, like cancer.”

According to the report, as there is no water in Semera, students must travel 10 km from the university to Logiya town in order to take a bath. Moreover, the university instructors reportedly have little interest in teaching because their salaries are not delivered on time, they lack toilet facilities and must work in the sweltering heat, says the newspaper. Semera University has received 1500 students this academic year.


“Surprise! Beyene and Mererra oppose taking the parliamentary seat!” – Fitih

“The rumor about me saying ‘a lady cannot be my leader’ is far from the truth. When I was a professor in the US, I worked under three lady presidents of the University.” – Dr. Yaeqob Hailemariam to Awramba Times.

“EPRDF is a shameless, tricky and an ever-lying Party” – Unity Party

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18 Responses to “Media Digest:Negasso Faces Financial Problems”

  1. hahah, Dr Yakob, is really funny person, “When i was professor, i worked under three lady presidents” or head of schools?

    man yawetat yehon echen ager? lememar lememar bekekenem yemaral?

  2. I have repeatedly burst in laugh when I read what Dr Negasso said about being killed with out bullet. Don’t worry others like Siye, Tewolde…are being killed with out bullet.I haven’t got a drop of symphathy for these guys as they got what they deserved.They were the collaborators with the architates of the brutal regime in Addis Ababa.Now they are the victims of the same devilish regime once they set it up.The same regime had been abusing poor Ethiopians in Negasso’s hayday and he him self turned a deaf ear and eye for all crimes commited by the thugish regime. Dr Negasso, no need of a lot of fuss.

  3. The Askaluka’s swindling scandal is very sad. I pity is the so called wife of the perpetrator. I remember a similar kind of cheating by a ‘real state company’, some years ago, but this one is a very big sum of money in Ethiopian standards.

    Dr Negasso’s case represents many Ethiopians who are so obscure to make their voices. The worst thing about dictators is they know the ‘achilless heel’ of the society and particularly our rulers are very adept at striking effectively. They don’t only destroy their foe, but they also are very eager to make him/her an example of ,,, so that potential adversaries are infected with fear and insecurity

  4. There is so much wine here somebody forgot the cheese.

  5. This Negasso guy never ceases amazing me. He has been changing his political principles and affiliation like a shirt over the years. At some point, he was a member of OLF. He then became a belligerent EPRDF member under the auspices of OPDO. In many of his presidential speeches, he did not hesitate to tell us that the rights of nations and nationalities were respected under EPRDF. Many Oromos were killed and languished in prison under his watch. He said nothing until he parted with Meles and cronies. When he was removed from power a new law was enacted overnight which entitled him with all sorts of benefits. He never complained about the new law until a few years letter. When it was time for him to shift again he began to say that the law infringes his basic human rights as it prohibits him from participating in politics. He then said that he will re-enter politics as an independent and later joined the parliament. Last year he again changed gears and joined the opposition party. Now he is complaining about his personal life. Come on!

  6. boring news

  7. Could ONLF be a set up by weyane?

    look at it this way…The Malysian oil company Petronas was given permission to explore ogaden region for oil and natural gas. Few years later, when Petronas apparently found some traces of oil in the region, the almost non-existent ONLF suddenly became strong and the weyane goverment declared a war against it. Then weyane told Petronas that they couldn’t guarantee peace and security in the region anymore, and the oil company decided to leave, selling their stuff to a certain company…and guess who. Weyane’s company registered in Hong Kong! And after the deal was done, suddenly ONLF leaders and fighters surrendered and started preaching about peace…doesn’t something smell fishy here?

    The government might have sponsered ONLF all along when their greedy arse heard that there might be some oil in ogaden, pushing petronas out, and they bought the area wanting everything for their slefish self, and now they have it…

    does this make any sense?

  8. Dr. Negasso is a true ethiopian. His mistake was or still is in joining the EPRDF. If the news is true, Meles Zenawi should be forced to pay the former President of Ethiopia the expenses he needs.Dr. Negasso has to get his salary, which is money of the public. The Government of Meles Zenawi has to follow certain basic norms. Ex-president Negasso has the right to struggle for his country. Thus the government in Ethiopia should pay all the necessay expenses as provided by the consitution and law of the country.

  9. DuDE!

    First of all, if Weyane has done this, we should support them. I mean if they buy Petronas Oilfield, it is good for Ethiopia. But your theory is unlikekely because Egyptand Shaebya is behind ONLF. Egypt does not want Ethiopia to develop as we all know. Howver Woyane could have infiltrated ONLF to break it from inside, whic I personally support. But I think many Somalis are friendly and do not want to make war against Ethiopia. Some Somalis say they are Abyssinians and are ready to protect Ethiopia. After all we all are Africans and there are many in ONLF who do not want to be slaves of Egypt.

  10. Dear Dr NEgasso- most Ethiopians know you are a real person. We are proud of you as person who fight for real liberation of the whole Ethiopians. This is what you have sacrificed. You have sacrificed your children and your family. We are definitely sure those people behind this athrocities will receive their wage very soon i.e. Meles zenawi and his followers. God is with us.

  11. Sara Menkorious 28 October 2010 at 3:16 pm

    Okey okey. someone needs to explain a few things to me. According to wikipedia, this dude is a phd from goethe, married to a german, and rumor has it that his daughter went to some fancy uni in the us. So the story doesnt add up at all.
    If he is broke, surely someone in his family or wifes family should be able to help him out. I mean, as a pres he must have sent relatives abroad or started businesses for them. And why the hell are his children cleaning? As the freakin pres who is married to a ferenji he must have made his children take higher education (most likely abroad). If hasnt done the above mantioned things then he has serious issues.

    Anyway this is a rather odd story in general

  12. Sara,

    Good analysis! I believe there are some superlatives or political spin in Dr Negasso’s statement. But it still an ex-president should not suffer from want of money in any case. He used to be a head of state only 10 years ago. What a moral degradation and a disgrace to the people of Ethiopia!!!! How would the world react to such News? OMG, the rulers in Addis are extremely blinded by hate and vengeance,,,, overcomed with paranoia,,,freaked out with fear and insecurity

  13. Hi Everyone,

    Peace to everyone. Please, leave alone Our P.M.Meles Zenawi. But, Please Praye for Him. I just heard that his excellency starting to read the Bible. People have a second chance. Wherever happened Yesterday was Yesterday but what he is doing with in the last few months was very humaniterian.
    I knew it that this time will come soon. At least he is an intelectual person and tried to make happy all 80 plus millions Ethiopian but not recevied any thank you back except excpecting more. In perfect world, we have to judge based on his over- whealm responsibilities and be fare.

  14. Thank you Ayalew. Yes indeed about the Bible. God is our creater and Leder. I hope, the Prime Minister will recognize how much Jesus is very important for his life as well as for his Family. I totally agreed with your United message. The derg Regime Got out of Control since totally Ignored God and destroyed his children and his homes. Mengistu is a Pentecoste which is good for him but he is a responsible for millions of innocent lives lost because of his dictatorial leadership.

  15. Is it true that Negasso’s daughter works as a cleaner?
    If that is the case, it makes him a disgrace to the nation. We like it or not this dude used to be the “president” of our nation.
    He could not even educate his only daughter(adobted) and try to get herself a decent job.
    He is a PHD right? How come he fail to get a teaching job in one of the private colleges.
    This guy is really a disgrace to our nation.

  16. I think its exaggerated or the beginning of a process to washed his hand free from corruption !

  17. gudefelazendero 30 October 2010 at 10:36 am

    well former president with due respect at least for once think of those hundreds of thousands of Ethiopian soldiers and their families woyane left penniless to starve to death.It is high time for you to look back and repent and of course ask forgiveness.

  18. Appeal to pity is a well known fallacy…dero nebere enje meteno medekos….

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