Sibhat Nega, Seven others out of TPLF Central Committee

The 10th organizational conference of TPLF (Tigray People’s Liberation Front) declared the resignation of eight of its senior members for different reasons.

These members are Sibhat Nega, Mulugeta Alemseged, Ambassador Tewelde Gebru (Director of TDA), Fisha Zerihun (Mayor of Mekele), Adehane Hailu (Dr), Gebereab Bernabas (Dr), Hailemichael Abera (Dr), and Welderufael Alemayehu (Dr).

Sources in Mekele indicated that Sibhat Nega’s resignation is “due to age” as Mekele’s Mayer, Fisha is excused for “health complications.” The remaining six left the Central Committee “on their own request.”

Participants of the conference criticized Zeray Asgedom, head of ETV, for lack of capacity to execute his responsibilities, sources told addisnegeronline.

Reportedly, the eight newcomers to the Central Committee are long time members of the party. Other notable key officials of the federal government remained in their party positions.

Unconfirmed reports from Mekele disclosed that Meles Zenawi and Abay Woldu are elected as Chairman and Vice chairman of the party. The conference will be closed officially this afternoon.

Another member of EPRDF, ANDEM (Amhara National Democratic Movement) elected a new Chairman, Demeke Mekonnen substituting the long serving Deputy Prime Minister and Chariman of the party Addisu Legesse. In a similar move, OPDO (Oromo People’s Democratic Organization) forgo its chairman Abadula Gemeda for Alemayehu Atomsa.

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21 Responses to “Sibhat Nega, Seven others out of TPLF Central Committee”

  1. A very significant development. See that TFPF is weakened by the ouster of some of its most able personalities and the inclusion of Azeb to the new team. Even insiders would tell you that this is far from being a TEAM A! Possible reason for such a move…..the old guard may want to diminish a possible resurgence of new power center from within while having the capacity to control the machine from outside via family members and trusted individuals

    • dont focus on this kind of News..its a pre calculated woyanes plan. these people are now wealthy and they will be enterpreners.
      so dont think there is fued or other poletical instablity inside woyane. they are laughing at us when we talk such.
      they did their homework.

  2. Abadula Gemeda for Alemayehu Atomsa- The same banana on the same tree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. It is all the same . A change of faces.whether Abadula replaced by Alemayahu and Addisu by Demeke it makes no difference all are stooges of the woyane crime killer, Melese Zarkawi, who dances to the tune of this person who is bent on the bussiness of selling our lands and of Ethiopia out to the highest bidders.The rest are crumb-pickers.THe reshuffling by any measure would yeild nothing except strengthning the dictatorial and fascistic muscle of the crime killer acting through these newly recruited “YES MEN” and marrionetes of the twenty first century.These are pack- animals only serving one and only one individual.The “resignation” of the eight sharks is nominal.It is a tactical and deceptive move of the woyane as usual as we have never seen a TPLF excutive member resigned on his own accord and never has been a trade mark of the woyane as well.These guys remain powerful behind the scene and certainly will be given a free ride to grab fortune, than ever before,as much as their bellies can carry.

  4. You are so hateful Tazabiw. I really wonder why people like you even wonder commenting.

    • What is hateful about the statement by Tazabiw. If you believe The Prime Minister is not a criminal defend him. Don’t throw this tired accusation around when people are expressing their view. The real hateful people are TPLF/EPRDF

  5. bother commenting

  6. This is just a premeditated party replacement process and chiefly a Public Relation strategy of Woyanee.

  7. @ Bereket,
    You are either so naive or blinded by the benefits that trickle down to you from Zenawi and his TPLF comrades. When TPLF’s political and military wings act in concert to harass, intimidate, jail, kill and persecute free thinking Ethiopians for possessing different version of how to reconstruct our nation, they are enforcing the law and defending the constitution for mercinaries like you. When free citizens criticize the regime for the atrocities it has committed under the auspices of TPLF and Tigrean elites who know nothing but politics of the belly it is ‘hate mongering’. Hey come to your sense.

  8. Sebhat nega,Bereket,Mellese Zenawi,or Dula gemeda all of them are criminals and being replaced by another criminals.These are peoples who does not need replacement rather should be brought to justice either
    by int criminal or by free democratic Ethiopian justice and being judged by very qualified and honest judges like the honourable Bertukan Mideksa who is now suffering under these criminals justice.

  9. Oh Zenawi is putting together new actors (Puppets)for his next term that can give a big hands for his undesciplined and gang words in the parliament. All pupets that are coming to the pariament or centeral committes are nothing by themselves except serving as an enjoyment for Zenawi. Demeke & Abadulla is the best horse to be ridden by Zenawi. These guys eat and drink and adjust their shoulders and minds for their master Zenawi. So all changes comes under Zenawi. Zenawi controlles and expelled oppositions from Parliament and it is time to enjoy and mock on his puppets same as The G-8 leaders mocking against Zenawi while he attends G8 meeting while being a reason for severe hunger of 14 million people. Woyane should establish an instituition to put together all old puppets: addisu,bereket, walwa,dulla, shiferaw jarsso since these people are not less than the precious goods that Zenawi & Azeb have in their home as Aesthetic .

  10. The usables have given their service and are now being thrown out as they should be. Particularly the morons in ANDM (Addisu and Tefera) should be ashamed for the disgraceful and mediocre life and pact they have had with Woyane. I wonder what would they tell to their children! All the world knows that a minority controlled government is creating a wealth captured by a minority group. The worst is all came from a single ethnic group. Meles and cronies are installing a time bomb that will be undone sometime in the future. But at lest they know what they are doing. It is such an embarrassment for all the zombies in ANDM and OPDO who lend a hand for such heinous crime. Simple men like a low rank officer, a teacher, or school drop outs were made in to Ministers and fooled to give servile loyality to the evil deeds of Woyane. Now their time is done, they will start to fade and history will judge them.

  11. Whatever it does, whoever resigns and whoever joins it, TPLF is a criminal group that has the blood of innocent people in its hand need to be eradicated from our beloved country. I do not know why intelligent people in this forum waste their time and energy discussing who replaced who in the TPLF mafia. Let us discuss how we shall set our agenda and speed the liberation of the country from Woyannie beasts.

  12. The so called “transformation” only reconfirms the notion that the woyanes continue to manage Ethiopia as a Woyane-Alamoudi Private Limted Company(PLC), not as a country.

    Megdels Naziawi-CEO
    Azeb Gola…….D/CEO
    Alamoudi……..Board Chairman

    All the other junkies are firfari lekamis.

    So much for Meles’s rheotric on transfering power to the new generation. This creature (sub-human) can not breath with out lying.

  13. What are you all talking? All of them are criminals. When the time come, all of them will be persecuted for the crime they committed in the last 20 years. Those who expected change within the criminals club should question their own intelligence, no way and never happened in the history of criminals.

  14. If this ain’t nepotism, I don’t know what it is considered as such. Or the wife is will be there, to keep an eye, while the husband is looking the other way; if ever does, as he an advances into an old age.

  15. both elected people hate thier identity wants to be weyane and love by weyane people so they are more ADRBAY

  16. Bereket writes to some one that he is “hateful” a very typical woyannes
    jungle response how on earth do you love
    a criminal or (shifta) who hold the nation hostage and kill loot destroy in a daily basis,above all he has already killed two generations and moving to the third if we dont stop them and bring them to justice

  17. Weyanites are getting too old. This is the start of the royal family( little tigrays). The king and the queen are already determined. Alamudi with rank of fitawrari is assured ministry of internal revenu the rest are shumbash, bulqassh and muntazs. What more can we ask from these group of …

  18. I don’t think there is any meaningful change in power for ANDM, the old guards, all of them except for Tefera remain as member of the Party executive commitee. Do you expect Demeke to be ” Chair person” while Bereket and Adisu still there

  19. Meles will throw all the former his slaves and bring the new slaves who do not know any thing about his role in the battle field. For meles it was realy so difficult to sit with seye or others , because they know him very well. But when melese compare him self with the new comers. he will be the heroe of heroes. But in general the replacement of one slave by another slave will never bring any change around the life’s of poor ethiopians.

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