Justice, Oromia Supreme Court Style

Justice speedily delivered, Oromia Supreme Court style.

An Ethiopian court sentenced a man to death for throwing hand grenades into a packed stadium during a political rally this month that killed two people, state media said Thursday.

One just can’t get the right words to explain this absurdity.

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9 Responses to “Justice, Oromia Supreme Court Style”

  1. Who told you it is the Oromiya Supreme Court?

  2. I enjoy reading your blog. It’s insightful.
    But I gotta comment on this… had the trial taken years like most cases, you would still lambaste the process. And now that it was decided quickly, you still have a negative view. Can you enlighten me why?

  3. selam Abiye beritu Egziabher yerdachu beyam adinaqiyachu negne eji ayetaserim afi ayeyazim bebiri tewagu lehulum amilaki yeridachu elalhu……

  4. I doubt that this verdict is rendered by Oromia Supreme Court. Oromia Supreme Court doesn’t have original jurisdiction in murder cases. The verdict must have been handed by the High Court of West Arsi Zone. Be that as it may, structurally speaking the lower courts in Oromia or else where in Ethiopia do not have internal independence; forget the executive branch for the moment, lower courts do not have independence from the judicial elites in the upper echelon of the judicial structure. In that sense Abiy should be taken right if he writes ironically ‘Justice, Oromia Supreme Court Style’. In Oromia Supreme Court we have a bunch of corrupted judges and judicial leaders. Expecting a fair verdict from these corrupted and unethical judicial officers is like anticipating a pigeon from the snake’s egg.

  5. Abiye,

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Dear Abiye,
    As an activist and as a lawyer you should have to stand for swift justice. What you should have to criticize is the process and the evidence that led to the verdict not the time it took. i do not think justice is measured by the time it took. I think the other way round.

  7. Oromia courts are the most corrupt,lazy,ignorant,illiterate,chauvinists—
    the federal,amhara,tigray etc are far better

  8. Oromia courts are the most corrupt,lazy,ignorant,illiterate,chauvinists—
    the federal,amhara etc are far better

  9. still political opinion is considering in order to pass a fair decision in ethiopia how we can believe such full justice?especilly in oromia supereme court.

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